Labels, Soros, and Right-Wing Insanity

Libtard. Snowflake. SJW (social justice warrior).  Sheep. Sheeple. The folks on the right have an endless stream of put-down labels for those of us on the left. The latest one, which I learned about in a NY Times story, is NPC, which stands for “NonPlayable Character.” The phrase is “borrowed from the world of video games, for a character that is controlled by the computer rather than by a player.” In other words, in the real world an NPC is someone who is incapable of independent thinking. And that’s how millions of conservatives see us.  As the article explains, conservatives believe, “Liberals… join the anti-Trump crowd not because they are led by independent thought or conscience to oppose President Trump’s policies, but because they’re brainwashed sheep who have been conditioned to parrot left-wing orthodoxy.” Yes, Fox “News” and social media posts throw those labels around frequently, and always in that context – that we are “brainwashed.”

They “know” that we are sheep led by the nose by Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and Nancy Pelosi. We cannot see the “truth” they see.

How ironic. How stupid.

In their closed minds, they refuse to acknowledge what we see every single day:

·       Tax cuts for the rich with little for the middle or lower class

·       Stagnant wage growth

·       A massively ballooning federal budget deficit (which was what the Tea Party fought against!)

·       No healthcare alternative to the ACA

·       Dismantling of protections of our air and water

·       Crumbling roads and bridges with no plan in sight

·       Rampant racism and sexism

·       Attacks on our closest allies while cozying up to Putin and other brutal dictators

·       The very real march towards fascism

·       The daily attacks on the Free Press

·       The attacks on the FBI and our Intelligence agencies

·       The daily deluge of LIES about everything

·       The stunning hypocrisy of the spineless “leaders” in the Republican party

·       The huge number of prominent Republicans who have left the party

·       Blatant conflicts-of-interest by Trump and his family

·       The unraveling of our national moral fiber.

Trump supporters see none of this. They fall back on mindless labels and personal attacks.

The Right’s disconnect from reality is not imaginary. As I posted on Facebook (“Follow” me on Facebook!) on 10/5/18,

“Senator Grassley was asked on Fox News if George Soros was “behind all this…paying these people to get in elevators and get in your face?”

“I tend to believe it,” he said.

And this, a radio interview with Senator David Perdue (R) where he said the people protesting Kavanaugh are “paid activists…This is a George Soros conspiracy.”  Plus, incredibly, he says Soros and his group pumped “$32 billion, billion! into this effort.”

That bizarre statement was from a US Senator!

It’s all so demonstrably insane; it’s what your right-leaning neighbors are listening to, all day, every day. And it’s killing our country.

The Right has gone crazy. In their own paranoia, fueled by Fox “News” and other propaganda outlets, they see only what they want to see, hear only what keeps them comfortable. They label us NPCs or snowflakes, while remaining steadfastly blind to reality and to their own best interests. The issues cited above are imaginary to them, while the preposterous idea that Soros tells me what to think is accepted as truth.

It’s bizarro world. It’s frightening. And if you care about America, understand that the only way to resist the madness is via the ballot box. Please support rational thinking! Do whatever you can.

Vote. Contribute. And spread the word.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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Fox News Anchor Blasts Trump!

Hell might be freezing over, but today I’m asking you to watch a clip from Fox News.

Fox anchor Shepard Smith slammed the President after the disastrous press conference yesterday. (Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are the only true journalists at Fox; they seem to possess actual integrity.)

“This president keeps telling untrue things and he does it every single time he’s in front of a microphone,” Smith said. And that was one of the milder moments.

I was unable to locate a “pure” video clip of his angry rant, so this article from The Huffington Post is the best I have. Scroll down to the second video (skip the top one) to see Smith’s furious take-down of our Liar-In-Chief.

It’s only about a minute long but you still see the fury about the constant lies and the bashing of the press. We can only hope that every Foxie saw it.  More and more we are starting to see “moderate” Republicans backing away from the President. Let’s hope it snowballs.

And by the way, as I told my FaceBook friends …

“If ‘fake news’ is your mantra, you’re a fake American.”

The framers of the Constitution put Freedom of the Press into the First Amendment. Without a vigorous and unencumbered press (now called “the media”) we become a dictatorship. Trump seems to have no problem with that.

But you do, right?

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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Fox News Lies

Here’s all you need to understand about Fox News: when they wake up in the morning they know that their job is to make Democrats look bad.

The Fox News mandate is certainly not to be “fair and balanced.” (That’s their original lie.) They play at being a real news organization. They cover disasters, weather, sports and sure, politics, but in the end it is all targeted toward blaming America’s problems on those who do not share their angry, right-wing world-view.

They feed on anger and they fuel discontent. That’s the massively profitable business model set up by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, and it’s an acid eating at the fabric of American life.

If you think the “main-stream media” is intentionally liberal, you are clueless about how the media operate. Journalism students are taught to present their stories impartially and they are the ones who, in large part, fill the ranks of the news business. It’s impossible to believe that the hundreds of thousands of reporters, writers and producers from all parts of America who have passed through the major media in the last say, twenty years, have all been brainwashed to tilt left. If that were the case, if there really were overt pressure to help Democrats, there would now be hundreds or even thousands of whistleblowers out there saying just that. But there aren’t.

The main-stream broadcast news media, which of course are profit-making divisions of huge corporations, are neither liberal nor conservative. They are incompetent, but that’s another rant for another day.

I try to watch Fox News or Fox Business News now and then, but it’s not easy. Typically, within a minute or two I’m saying (or shouting) “that’s not true!” Distortions are rampant, even within the supposedly “pure news” segments. And on the other programs, almost every time you hear one of them say “Liberals want …” or “Liberals believe …” you can be sure what follows is an extreme distortion of the truth. Worse, outright lies are common.

Want proof? Recently a Vine video has gone viral. It shows 50 Fox Lies in six seconds. Take a look, and if you doubt that those were all lies, check out what Politifact has to say about each of those 50 statements.

And rest assured, there are thousands of other lies that could have been in that video. Fox News is a blight on America.

Where is the Democrats’ Backbone?

You’ve not heard much from me this election cycle.  Aside from personal reasons (all good, I’m happy to say) I am disheartened by the way Democrats are running their campaigns; if they lose, it will be because they are wimps.

I’ve been in a number of different states over the past few months, and I watch the local political ads. Democrats have a great story to tell, but they, or their high-priced consultants, focus on tiny snippets of issues, and send out attack ads instead of reminding the electorate of the big issues.

Worse still, Democratic candidates are working hard to distance themselves from the president.

Why? If a Republican president had exactly Barack Obama’s track record, the GOP would be highlighting these positives with intense and repetitive enthusiasm…

  1. A massive improvement in the economy. In 5 years under Obama the economy has created twice as many jobs as were created in 8 years under George W. Bush. And the stock market has soared, adding billions of dollars to middle class nest eggs.
  2. The Federal deficit is shrinking rapidly. It’s been cut by two thirds since 2009.
  3. Income taxes on middle-income families are near historic lows.
  4. Millions of Americans have health care for the first time. No one can be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.
  5. Two wars ended or winding down.
  6. The U.S. now produces so much energy we now are a major exporter of oil. And gasoline prices have fallen sharply (despite repeated GOP screams that under Obama prices would skyrocket).

And MANY more! For an eye-opening list of the major accomplishments under Obama, all carefully documented, click here.

If that was say, Mitt Romney’s list of accomplishments, the Fox-holers would be falling all over themselves in orgiastic glee. Their told-you-so’s would be deafening and non-stop.

But instead of reminding folks which party stands up for a higher minimum wage to keep working people out of poverty, women’s rights, minority rights, sane environmental laws, helping students with college debt, better education for all students, and so many other important issues, for the most part  Democratic candidates and the ads they run stay mum about their party’s core beliefs and achievements!  It’s a stupid strategy.  And attack ads disgust everyone and turn people away from politics.

The polls indicate that Democrats are likely to lose control of the Senate next week. The silver lining is that in 2016 the Republicans have far more seats to defend, and it’s likely they will almost certainly cede Senate control back to the Dems after that election.

I just hope that between now and then the Democrats grow a spine.

Thanks for caring about the truth.

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“Hijacked by Crazy, Stupid People.”

Well, after a long hiatus, I’m back. I could not sit around without commenting on the outrageous conduct of Congressional Republicans.

First, some quick background.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was

  1. passed by the Congress,
  2. signed into law by the President,
  3. upheld by the Supreme Court.

Then in the 2012 election, the American electorate was given a choice between a candidate who supported the law, obviously, and one who said he would shut down Obamacare “on day one.” That candidate, Mitt Romney, was soundly defeated.  So “the American people” had spoken, clearly, about what they wanted, and the ACA is the law of the land.

The role of the opposition party, if they are not happy with this or any other law, is to work through the normal channels to bring about change. But in this case, a small band of radical Republicans threw a temper tantrum and threatened to deeply wound the American economy.

And they did. Yesterday, Standard & Poor’s estimated that the GOP-forced government shutdown sucked around $24 billion out of the economy – and the meter is still running. (Remember when the GOP was the party of “fiscal responsibility”?)

Sen. John McCain called the actions of the House Republicans a “fool’s errand.”  He knew there was zero chance they could get what they wanted – the defunding of the ACA. Yet this small group of crazies persisted, and we will all feel the effects as the damage ripples through the U.S. economy and beyond, forcing interest rates up and holding GDP down.

As egregious as the shutdown was, even worse was the threat to allow the U.S., for the first time ever, to default on its obligations.  Some radical righties argued that a default would not be harmful. They are idiots.  Not one mainstream economist (and that covers a wide swath of economic thought and theory) agreed with that stance. Not one.  Economists were, and are, horrified by the thought of a default. 

But where were the “moderate” Republicans during all this? Almost all were strangely silent. That’s not merely my opinion. Listen to what one conservative thinker, Bruce Bartlett, a former advisor to both President Reagan and the first President Bush, thinks about the current situation:

As he said, the Republican Party has been “hijacked by crazy people, stupid people” and he cannot understand why more of his fellow party members are not standing up to them. (The whole 14 minute video clip is excellent. I hope you will watch it.)

What is my opinion is this: I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that the dumbing down of the Grand Old Party aligns with the rise of Fox News. That organization, watched religiously by millions, stokes paranoia and is not encumbered by facts and rational thought. And the rest of us pay the price.

 Thanks for caring about the truth.

“Poor.” Another reason to hate Fox News.

If you make less than around $22,000 per year for a family of four you are officially poor, according to the U.S. Government. But not according to Fox News.

Take a look at this segment from The Daily Show (There are unavoidable commercials at the start and in the middle of the segment; you may need to click here to get to the second half.)

I could write an essay about every 15 second slice of that funny – and infuriating – video essay. But for now, let’s just focus on what happens towards the last part of the video, when Jon Stewart shows a slew of Foxies mocking the “poor” in our country. Yes, they put the word in quotes, clearly signifying maybe you whose family makes less than $22,350 really might be well off.

Are you? Right now you can buy a name brand dishwasher for $170. But perhaps you already have one, bought say, five or six years ago, when you and your spouse were both working. Whatever, you are among the 25% of “poor” who own a dishwasher. That, for Foxies, is outrageous. Clearly, you and your ”moocher” friends with your dishwashers and $59 microwaves and $29 coffee makers are just fine and in fact, YOU need to pay more taxes!

Think I’m kidding? Watch the clips. The bottom 50% of the U.S. population controls a whopping 2.5% of the country’s wealth, but the GOP says don’t ask the top two percent to pay even one dollar more in taxes.

I watch the fools on Fox News and I just want to slap them.