Colbert Should Apologize…

A couple of nights ago late night TV host Stephen Colbert went on a particularly venomous – and hilarious – rant against Trump. The trigger for his outrage was Trump’s interview on CBS’s Face The Nation during which the president insulted the host, John Dickerson, a highly respected journalist.

“I call your show Deface the Nation” our leader said with a smirk. And later on Trump turned and walked out, mid-sentence, on Dickerson when the questions made him uncomfortable.

So Colbert forcefully shot back, defending his CBS colleague, and now some folks say he must apologize for one or two things that were, frankly, raunchy and probably over the line.

Should Stephen Colbert apologize? Only under certain conditions.

Colbert should say, “Mr. President, I’ll apologize when you apologize to President Obama for falsely accusing him, without any credible evidence, of illegally wiretapping you.

“I’ll apologize when you apologize to the thousands of dedicated poll workers whom you defamed by claiming, falsely, that Hillary Clinton received millions of illegal votes.

“I’ll apologize when you apologize to the patriotic members of the Intelligence community whom you repeatedly slandered with false accusations.

“I’ll apologize when you apologize to the American people for the five years of lying about the citizenship of the first black President, and your lies about having investigators in Hawaii (“you won’t believe what they are finding”) when there were no such investigators.

“I’ll apologize when you apologize to the American people for lying about your tax returns, your involvement with Russia, your charitable donations, and your promise to divest yourself from your businesses.

“And finally, I’ll apologize when you apologize to John Dickerson, the staff at Face the Nation and CBS News, and the thousands of hard-working, loyal American journalists whom you slander daily with your lies about ‘fake news’ and who are doing their job by trying to bring truth to the American people. The First Amendment was written precisely to counter would-be tyrants like you who seek to demean and diminish the vital importance of a free and vigorous press corps.”

And then, and only then, should Stephen Colbert apologize.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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2 thoughts on “Colbert Should Apologize…”

  1. The title of your blog scared me for a moment. I completely agree with you. As we know, however, Trump never apologizes for anything.

  2. Really Ken? – The last election found America at a fork in the road – Should voters turn Left or should they turn Right? – They read the road signs and made their choice. For those who stayed the course and turned left, they have found themselves at a “Dead End”. How could this have happened? “They asked themselves”. The road signs were very clear. The map they followed was a map they followed for the past eight years. What happened? What had changed? The travelers were very angry. They started to scream that someone had changed the sign on the road; was there a conspiracy they thought? They demanded an investigation– Protesting, rioting and creating false narratives, Fake News and demanding who and why someone had changed the sign in the road.

    You get the picture Ken. Despite the tremendous power of the Liberal Media, the truth is the American people, tired of traveling down a road they felt was leading them to a “Dead End” in their lives, read the sign leading them to the Right at that fork in the road and decided on a new course they believed had to be better than the course they were on.

    Despite the ranting, ravings and hysterics of those on the Left, I believe in my heart, the decision to take the road on the Right was, and will be the right one to have been taken for this Country. There are already many signs this is beginning to happen. Stay tuned!

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