Watch Weld. Amazing Interview!

Here’s one for the history books. A man actively running for national office came within a hair’s width of fully endorsing a competing ticket!

Last night Libertarian VP candidate William Weld, the former Republican Governor of Massachusetts, gave an explosive interview to Rachel Maddow.

He didn’t officially endorse Hillary, but he walked up to the line and his toes were touching that line. Aside from that, he blasted Trump in clear and damning language. “I fear for the country,” if Trump wins, he told Maddow.

Equally importantly, he spoke glowingly and effusively about Hillary, a woman he’s known for decades. And as a former U.S. prosecutor (U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts) he also decisively dismissed the FBI’s botched handling of Hillary’s email case.

Rachel Maddow seemed somewhat flummoxed by what she was hearing, and it made for compelling television.

Weld’s running mate, Gary Johnson, must be pissed, but Weld knows the stakes are too high for political selfishness.

BRAVO, Governor Weld!

Watch it. Get everyone to watch it.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


2 thoughts on “Watch Weld. Amazing Interview!”

  1. Well…there you go again Ken…another “Hillary Hologram” – Let me say this, “I don’t particularly care for Trump as a person”. However, the issues and problems he has raised about the current affairs of our country have resonated with multitudes of voters in America. The old saying, “where there is smoke, there is fire” continues to dog Hillary Clinton because, the truth is, she is a liar and epitomizes everything that is wrong in the political circles in Washington where crony politics reigns supreme on both sides of the aisle.

    So here is my prediction:

    • Hillary Clinton will be elected President.
    • She will continue to be dogged by news of more improprieties that will be regularly released, post election, relating to her illegal emails, the Clinton Foundation and the ensuing pressure of the FBI and other regulatory agencies that will remain hot on her heels at the behest of influential GOP members of Congress.
    • These events will render her ineffective to govern as a President as the regular flow of negative news and investigations continue to erode her credibility with the American people and key foreign political leaders abroad.
    • Within 18 months or less, she will either be impeached as a result of new FBI discoveries or forced to resign as a result of health issues.
    • Tim Kane will take over as President for the remaining months of her
    Four-year term.
    • Tim Kane will run for re-election but will be soundly defeated at the polls by a qualified conservative republican candidate.

  2. I have no idea what the Hologram reference means, but Weld is a lifelong Republican. He’s just one of hundreds of well-known GOP lifers who have switched teams (or in his case, say Never Trump!) There are no major Dems who have defected.

    Let me remind you that close to 200 newspapers have endorsed Hillary and/or have come out against Trump. Donnie had 4, just FOUR papers on his side! This is absolutely unprecedented in US history.

    And as always, Shelly, you completely ignore everything in my post and instead just write down all your talking points. It’s always — I make a series of points, all backed up by links to reliable sources, and you respond by ranting. A true political discussion would have you (or anyone) acknowledge what I wrote and then make your case with opposing facts (and again, with links to sources). But you never do.

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