Oops. Edit.

Just caught a typo in that last post. It should have read …

I wish Kaine had been more forceful. He could have and should have swatted away, with hard facts, so much more of what Pence said.

One thought on “Oops. Edit.”

  1. Let’s see…On a scale of One to Ten…What’s more dangerous to America’s national security – Not having Donald Trump’s tax returns or finding out what was on the all the emails that Hillary Clinton and her lawyers and surrogates wiped off her illegal personal servers in her basement; after they were Subpoenaed by the Government. It is unbelievable that her crime and the crimes of her surrogates will go unpunished particularly after the FBI gave them all immunity and got nothing in return –

    I believe having a woman as President of the United States would be a great thing; except Hillary Clinton is, and would be, the wrong woman. When the voting is over, America will get what they deserve; 4 more years of Obama like policies or 4 years of conservative changes and reset foreign and domestic policies. We will find out in November, 2016.

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