Donald Trump, Fear Monger

In almost every possible way, Donald Trump is the worst U.S. politician in more than a generation. He lies about everything, literally on a daily basis. In previous posts I’ve pointed out that independent fact checkers tell us that only around 10% of what he says is fully true.

What’s worse, he lies about things in a deliberate effort to instill fear. A few days ago he sent out this Tweet:

Inner-city crime is reaching record levels. African-Americans will vote for Trump because they know I will stop the slaughter going on!

Did you know there was a “slaughter” going on? And it’s happening at “record levels”!

Frightening … and false.

FBI statistics only go up to 2014, and there has been a slight uptick in violence recently, but we are nowhere near “record levels” of crime, not in the inner-cities nor elsewhere. PolitiFact rates this Tweet as a “Pants on Fire” lie. (Just one of many of his statements to receive that rating.)

crime stats

By the way, he never discloses exactly how he plans on making us “safe again.”  He just tells us, with a straight face, that he is “the only one” who can do it.

How do people fall for this nonsense?

Trump understands that he cannot win on the merits of his positions (what are his positions?), nor his experience. So he screams that we are a third-rate country teeming with crime and violence. And of course on a daily basis he pushes the fear buttons when it comes to immigrants. Listen to his speeches and you apparently should be scared to walk out your front door because some Mexican or Muslim is lurking out there, waiting to kill you.

He is truly disgusting.

Thanks for caring about the truth.