SHAMEFUL: Zika and the GOP

Here’s a story you probably don’t know. It’s sickening.

You do know that the destructive Zika virus is here. It’s infecting many thousands of people in South America and now it’s spreading in the U.S. There is no cure for the devastating problems it causes for mothers and their babies.

President Obama and Democrats in Congress wanted to act quickly. They put together a bill to combat this encroaching disease — a pure, Zika-fighting bill.

Republicans agreed, apparently, that action was necessary.  But instead of agreeing on a bi-partisan compromise, they tacked on poison-pill provisions that they KNEW the Dems could never swallow. Their version blocked funds for Planned Parenthood and loosened environmental protections! As a result, they can now run TV ads saying “Senator So-and-So voted against protecting babies.”

So now there is no bill at all!

This is outrageous, and once again, the Democrats have done a lousy job of getting the public riled up about this grievous offense against women’s and children’s health.

Yes, a few media outlets have covered this shameful episode. This editorial from Columbus, Ohio (originally in the LA Times) makes the story quite clear and I hope you read it.

Republicans repeatedly play political games with people’s lives. Why do we stand for it?

Thanks for caring about the truth.



A Stellar List of No-Shows

The GOP Convention is now up and running. But something will be missing, something that is unprecedented in American political history.

Specifically, just about every Republican with national name-recognition is shunning the convention! As a result, poor Donald has to have his own family stand to speak for him!

Look at the astonishing list of heavy-hitter absentees…

  • The most recent GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.
  • The second most recent nominee, John McCain.
  • The two most recent Republican presidents, George W. Bush, and George H.W. Bush.
  • The man most pundits last year assumed was the front runner for the nomination, former Florida governor Jeb Bush.
  • Even Gov. John Kasich (as governor of Ohio, he’s the HOST, for God’s sake!) won’t find time to stop by.

For any political party, the once-every-four years convention is supposed to be the best opportunity for the party leaders to loudly extoll the virtues of their nominee. Not this time.

So we are so many staying away? What do they know that you might not?

While I sharply disagree with most of the policy positions of each no-show on the list, here’s what I do know. I know they each care deeply about America, and second, they know how government works. They know that Trump – the racist, thin-skinned, ill-informed blowhard with the worst rating on Politifact’s radar—cannot ever be entrusted with the levers of power.

Why would anyone think differently?

Thanks for caring about the truth.