Takin’ It Back

In the past week Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have each shouted, “It’s time to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” That phrase, “take our country back,” has been a favorite of GOP candidates for several years, and it certainly picked up steam when Barack Hussein Obama moved into the White House.

But the phrase begs the question; take our country back from whom?

Keep in mind that Obama was elected by a majority of American voters, twice, so they’re saying they want a minority to take it back from the majority. Then too, in the last presidential election a million more Americans voted for Democrats than Republicans in Congressional races but thanks to gerrymandering the House is firmly under GOP control.

So who are they talking about? From whom must they wrest control? Here, in no particular order, are some of the nefarious groups who need to hand back the country to the Real Americans.

• Blacks
• Hispanics
• Muslims
• Jews
• Women
• Gays
• Unions
• Progressives (who used to be called liberals)
• Teachers
• Journalists and others in “the mainstream news media.”
• Hollywood
• Scientists
• College students
• College professors
• The unemployed
• The working poor
• The lower middle-class

As a member of two of those groups, Liberal Jew, I find it deeply disturbing when Republicans say they want to take my country from me! Take our country back is dark, divisive language. Why aren’t the pundits calling it out?

Democrats campaign with equal vigor but they don’t paint their opponents with such a broad brush. Hillary and Bernie’s ire is targeted to special interest lobbyists, polluters, billionaires whose “dark money” attempts to control elections, climate change deniers, war mongers and so on.

So the next time you hear some right-leaning blowhard spout “take our country back!,” understand that they just might be talking about you.

Thanks for caring about the truth.