The Truth About Hillary’s War Vote

In life or politics, things we know have a way of being not what they first seemed.

For example, in late 2002 when it came time for the Senate to vote “for the Iraq war” we all “know” that Obama voted no and Hillary voted yes. That vote, many say, helped Obama secure the Democratic nomination.

End of story. Barack got it right, Hillary got it wrong (and she’s said so).

Except it’s not nearly that stark.

I recently came across a video that changed my understanding of that auspicious vote. The unedited single-camera twenty-minute video shows Senator Hillary Clinton of New York taking the podium in the Senate to lay out the intricate pros and cons as she saw them. She delivers a masterful speech that everyone who cares about history or politics should see. It’s not the Hillary you think you know.

The speech is one of deep intellect, nuance, inner struggle and firmness of purpose. She becomes the embodiment of quiet, determined leadership. The entire speech lasts twenty minutes and on YouTube it’s broken into two segments. You probably have neither the time nor inclination to watch it all, so please click here to watch just the last three minutes. Use the slider on the bottom to get to 6:00 minutes.  (For political junkies, here’s Part 1.)

Remember that at the time the Bush administration had told us beyond any doubt that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.  We now know there were no such weapons and that the Bush/Cheney team took the Senate vote and twisted its intent to provide cover for their own disastrous agenda.

After watching Hillary’s speech it’s clear she was voting for something significantly more restrained than “going to war.” Above all, notice the importance she places on bi-partisanship, on supporting our president and presenting a united front to Saddam and the world.

After you see it, try to imagine any of the leading Republican presidential candidates delivering such a quietly powerful speech. Trump? Carson? Rubio? Cruz?  They never would, they never could. Not one of them.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Hillary’s War Vote”

  1. Ken,

    In my opinion, your post is an embarrassment. It is not about speeches. Obama gave great speeches. The net result is, this country got what it deserved for electing an unqualified, feckless imposter to the presidency. He and Hillary Clinton embody all that is wrong in Washington. Yes, the Republicans are no Saints, and probably a portion of them should be Democrats. Everything that I have said in the past about this administration and our President has come true. I won’t even discuss his position on Islamic Terrorism, which he won’t even mention…I once asked you whether you believed in the policies of Obama. I even sited a few that were questionable. To my dismay, you answered, “All of them”!

    So, I’ll say it again, “This country is in trouble domestically and Internationally as a result of Obama and his “Politically Correct” cronies in the Whitehouse. He will leave office with a Country that has never been more vulnerable to domestic terrorism, including a 20 Trillion-Dollar Debt that my Grandchildren and their children will have to deal with well into the future. (Assuming you have or will have Grandchildren, that will go for yours as well)

    If it was a Republican Secretary of State, who was involved in the kind of email scandal that Hillary Clinton is being called out on, he or she would have already been indicted and sent to jail for violating Federal Laws pertaining to classified information on private email servers.

    In a little over a year, the “Washington Pied Piper “ will be gone, leaving in his wake, Hillary Clinton…who will be running for an Obama 3rd term…I can only hope and pray the American people have learned that there is no FREE LUNCH, someone has to pay fore it.

    The World is in a mess. The “Winds of War” to quote Herman Wouk, are beginning to blow…It will take the kind of President that has the courage and leadership qualities to bring our country back from its current status and stand up to a world climate all to reminiscent of 1938.

    Sorry for the rant Ken…but I pray the American people don’t make the mistake by electing and entrusting Hillary Clinton to be Commander in Chief and our next President; It’s a recipe for disaster.

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Shelly Dubow

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