Obama and Israel III

Few statements bother me more than the oft-repeated assertion that “Obama is anti-Israel.” As I’ve said many times, on this blog and elsewhere, feel free to disagree with specific policies, but to say that the president of the United States is “anti” one of our closest allies is absurd. Recognize that the prefix “anti” unambiguously signals that he knowingly and intentionally takes actions designed to damage the Jewish state.

Buried within this article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek is one sentence that obliterates the ridiculous anti-Israel argument:

When it comes to aid to Israel, and specifically the all-important military aid, “…Obama has done more than his predecessors, financing the development of Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system on top of the annual $3 billion U.S. subsidy to the country.” (Emphasis added)

Are we clear? “More than” every other U.S. president. Ever.

Case closed.

Obama is staunchly pro-Israel. He has said so many times, often in moving and deeply personal ways, and his actions back up his words. Importantly, he has been honored and acclaimed by many prominent Israelis (not all, obviously!) repeatedly over the years he has been in the White House.

If you disagree with a particular action, great, that’s democracy. But let’s please stop the nonsense about Obama being anti-Israel.

Thanks for caring about the truth.

Please pass this message on.