Adios to Jon Stewart, an American Hero

After sixteen years, tonight is Jon Stewart’s last night hosting The Daily Show.  If you don’t know why that makes it a sad day for American democracy, you haven’t seen the show.

No one else has his combination of comedy chops and intelligence. No one else punctures pretense and outright lies as he did.  And while we wish his replacement, Trevor Noah, well, it will surely be a long time before he can achieve the same level of respect.

Here’s one historic sample. It was from the darkest days of the Great Recession, back in March, 2009. In this clip he attacks, rightfully and factually, TV stock-meister Jim Cramer. You almost feel sorry for Cramer. Almost.

Watch it, even if you have no interest in financial stuff. Watch it because it is compelling, dramatic television.

And I can tell you, as someone involved in finance every day, everything Jon Stewart said back then was correct.  Too bad, despite Jon’s incandescent rage, almost nothing has changed.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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