Fox News Lies

Here’s all you need to understand about Fox News: when they wake up in the morning they know that their job is to make Democrats look bad.

The Fox News mandate is certainly not to be “fair and balanced.” (That’s their original lie.) They play at being a real news organization. They cover disasters, weather, sports and sure, politics, but in the end it is all targeted toward blaming America’s problems on those who do not share their angry, right-wing world-view.

They feed on anger and they fuel discontent. That’s the massively profitable business model set up by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, and it’s an acid eating at the fabric of American life.

If you think the “main-stream media” is intentionally liberal, you are clueless about how the media operate. Journalism students are taught to present their stories impartially and they are the ones who, in large part, fill the ranks of the news business. It’s impossible to believe that the hundreds of thousands of reporters, writers and producers from all parts of America who have passed through the major media in the last say, twenty years, have all been brainwashed to tilt left. If that were the case, if there really were overt pressure to help Democrats, there would now be hundreds or even thousands of whistleblowers out there saying just that. But there aren’t.

The main-stream broadcast news media, which of course are profit-making divisions of huge corporations, are neither liberal nor conservative. They are incompetent, but that’s another rant for another day.

I try to watch Fox News or Fox Business News now and then, but it’s not easy. Typically, within a minute or two I’m saying (or shouting) “that’s not true!” Distortions are rampant, even within the supposedly “pure news” segments. And on the other programs, almost every time you hear one of them say “Liberals want …” or “Liberals believe …” you can be sure what follows is an extreme distortion of the truth. Worse, outright lies are common.

Want proof? Recently a Vine video has gone viral. It shows 50 Fox Lies in six seconds. Take a look, and if you doubt that those were all lies, check out what Politifact has to say about each of those 50 statements.

And rest assured, there are thousands of other lies that could have been in that video. Fox News is a blight on America.