The REAL Scandal at the IRS

Republicans often tell us that the government ought to be run more like a business. Ok. Then suppose there was a business that knew for sure that for every dollar it spent it would get six dollars back. What business would turn its back on that kind of spectacular return on investment?

Well, thanks to the GOP and their blind frenzy to cut spending, that is exactly the intensely weird situation we have. The tax engine of the U.S., the Internal Revenue Service, must slash $346 million from its budget over the next nine months. That’s on top of the more than $1 billion already cut from the IRS budget since 2010. According to an article in Bloomberg Business, the estimates are that “the government will fail to collect at least $2 billion this tax season, or about $6 lost for every $1 of budget cuts. Over the past four years, there’s been a $4 billion drop in money collected through IRS enforcement actions.”

So since there will be fewer enforcement actions, “the cheaters gonna cheat” – and the rest of us will pay for it, one way or another. Brilliant.

The IRS Commissioner says the cuts will delay tax refunds, and more importantly for the long term, will reduce needed investments in technology. Meaning, things will get worse.

Also thanks to the cuts, hundreds of thousands of poor, handicapped and elderly citizens will not get the help they depend on to file properly. They’re on their own.

I would love a Republican explain how these cuts makes sense.

Thanks for caring about the truth.


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