Where is the Democrats’ Backbone?

You’ve not heard much from me this election cycle.  Aside from personal reasons (all good, I’m happy to say) I am disheartened by the way Democrats are running their campaigns; if they lose, it will be because they are wimps.

I’ve been in a number of different states over the past few months, and I watch the local political ads. Democrats have a great story to tell, but they, or their high-priced consultants, focus on tiny snippets of issues, and send out attack ads instead of reminding the electorate of the big issues.

Worse still, Democratic candidates are working hard to distance themselves from the president.

Why? If a Republican president had exactly Barack Obama’s track record, the GOP would be highlighting these positives with intense and repetitive enthusiasm…

  1. A massive improvement in the economy. In 5 years under Obama the economy has created twice as many jobs as were created in 8 years under George W. Bush. And the stock market has soared, adding billions of dollars to middle class nest eggs.
  2. The Federal deficit is shrinking rapidly. It’s been cut by two thirds since 2009.
  3. Income taxes on middle-income families are near historic lows.
  4. Millions of Americans have health care for the first time. No one can be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.
  5. Two wars ended or winding down.
  6. The U.S. now produces so much energy we now are a major exporter of oil. And gasoline prices have fallen sharply (despite repeated GOP screams that under Obama prices would skyrocket).

And MANY more! For an eye-opening list of the major accomplishments under Obama, all carefully documented, click here.

If that was say, Mitt Romney’s list of accomplishments, the Fox-holers would be falling all over themselves in orgiastic glee. Their told-you-so’s would be deafening and non-stop.

But instead of reminding folks which party stands up for a higher minimum wage to keep working people out of poverty, women’s rights, minority rights, sane environmental laws, helping students with college debt, better education for all students, and so many other important issues, for the most part  Democratic candidates and the ads they run stay mum about their party’s core beliefs and achievements!  It’s a stupid strategy.  And attack ads disgust everyone and turn people away from politics.

The polls indicate that Democrats are likely to lose control of the Senate next week. The silver lining is that in 2016 the Republicans have far more seats to defend, and it’s likely they will almost certainly cede Senate control back to the Dems after that election.

I just hope that between now and then the Democrats grow a spine.

Thanks for caring about the truth.

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