Tampa Trash: Lies and Videotape

Did you watch the GOP bash in Tampa? I did. And the lies were coming down harder than the rain from Hurricane Isaac.

Repubs stood there on the podium and bashed Obama. That’s O.K. That’s their job. That’s politics in a democracy.

But what is new to the Formerly Grand Old Party is its ability to look into the camera and lie. We’ll get to specific lies in a moment.

First, let’s recall what Obama faced from the moment he won the election.

Republican leaders huddled together in January 2009, before Obama was sworn in. As quoted in the Sept. 3, 2012 issue of Time magazine, Republicans got their marching orders directly from party leaders.

Ohio Senator George Voinovich summarized the strategy: ‘If Obama was for it, we had to be against it.’”

And they followed those orders like good little soldiers. To hell with what was good for the country; for the GOP it was Party First, Country Second.

Obama angered those of us on the left who watched him bend over backwards, trying to be a bi-partisan president. But again and again he was stopped by a wall of NO!

And now they have the gall to stand up and say, “See…his policies didn’t work!”

But the tempest in Tampa did provide Democrats with a moral victory of a sort. The lies from Veep nominee Paul Ryan were so incredibly blatant that you can find them listed in an article on the Fox News web site!

Of course, the biggest lie of all is directly from a Mitt Romney “I approved this message” political ad. His team took Obama’s words and maliciously edited them to make it seem as if he said to business owners “you didn’t build” your own business.  If fact, Obama was speaking off the cuff, talking about roads and bridges and the whole American system that allows businesses to grow. His phrasing was inelegant, but anyone watching the whole video clip clearly knew what he was saying. And Mitt had to know it. (Click here to see the clip, along with Jon Stewart’s recap of the twisted GOP spin.)

But since he’s not running on his record as a governor (it’s a poor one), and being that he has released scant details about how he can make the U.S. a better place, he approved the lie and then had the whole GOP Convention repeat the lie again and again to America.

How disgusting.

One Term More, A Song Parody

Song parodies are a silly waste of time. Anyone can do them.

Yet today I am sending you a song parody. The reason? It’s just too good to miss!

Set to the music of Les Mis, the lyrics are both clever and devastating. Even better, the voices are glorious. I hope you can listen through a decent set of speakers.

I could easily write paragraphs expanding upon each line of text in the performance. If you follow the headlines you will understand most references; if not, ask me. The link here takes you to the version that includes subtitles so that you don’t miss a word.

(UPDATE: something changed and the link seems to have stopped working. But if you go to the upper right corner, you can still click on the Watch Video tab and it will play.  Unfortunately, the version with sub-titles seems to stay locked.)

Thanks for caring about the truth.