Debunking Obamacare Myths

No need for a big preamble here. Simply, this NY Times column does a spot-on job of debunking the major myths about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Pay particular attention to the section, “OBAMACARE IS A FEDERAL TAKEOVER OF HEALTH INSURANCE.”  That is exactly what Mitt claimed minutes after the Supreme Court decision came down upholding the ACA.  I watched him say that, looking directly into the camera, and I wondered, “what am I missing?”  Nothing, it turns out. But facts seem to be irrelevant in the GOP anti-health-care campaign.

And just for fun … but with a tremendously serious message, check out this clip from The Daily Show; it hilariously exposes the truth about Mitt’s slippery effort to take make us believe he was able to “retroactively retire” from Bain when it suited his political needs. He wants credit for good stuff Bain did, but none of the blame for the bad stuff.

Be sure to watch both segments.

Thanks for caring about the truth.