Romney the “Job Creator”?

Facts are cool. They just stand there and tell us truth.

Below are a couple of cool facts – cold, hard facts, actually – that should make Republicans shudder.

Mitt Romney is campaigning as the “jobs building” candidate, so it has to be incredibly embarrassing when the truth about his job-creating track record percolates up to the public’s consciousness.

The facts are right here in this 2010 article from the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.

Fact One:  “The Republican contender was the governor of Massachusetts from January 2003 to January 2007. And during that time, according to the U.S. Labor Department, the state ranked 47th in the entire country in jobs growth. Fourth from last. “

Fact Two: “The Massachusetts jobs growth over that period, a pitiful 0.9%. …The national average: More than 5%.”

How can he look us in the eye and tell us he “knows” how to create jobs?

What a crock.

Let’s hope the Democrats do a good job of getting these stunning facts out to the electorate.