Rachel Maddow video: GOP statements vs. GOP policy

This is one of the most powerful “political” videos you are likely to see. It deals with the upcoming intense debates about fiscal responsibility, an issue that affects every part of  our society. If your blood isn’t roiled by the time you get to the end, check for a pulse.  I was angry at the stunning hypocrisy of the GOP, but angry too that the Democrats – and the press – allow the GOP to continually say one thing and do the complete opposite.

It’s long – around 14 minutes. And it begins with a silly skit (in which, inexplicably, the sound effects are different from what was heard on TV). But once Rachel sits down, she dramatically builds a case that smashes most Americans’ perceptions about which party does what. Her final point, a look at benefits for the unemployed, is the perfect exclamation point to her controlled anger.

Important: Notice how all her facts are facts, backed up either by in-context video clips or statistics from unimpeachable sources.

I would love to hear a Republican response to this video.